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Hi, it’s Stav. Here you can read about jewelry, materials, stones, sources of inspiration and personal stories…



Gold Necklace Trends in 2020

Now that the ‘scarves’ season is over, it’s about time you rearrange your wardrobe! As you put all your summer outfits closer, don’t forget about your jewelry box to complete your look. Gold jewels are ‘a must-have’ for any jewel

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What Are Black Diamonds? Here Is All You Need to Know

Most people are familiar with colorless diamonds but know less about black diamonds. A black ring is unique in its way. It’s not transparent like fancy colored or colorless diamonds. Also, a high-quality black diamond doesn’t reflect light; it absorbs

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What Are the Most Popular Bracelets In 2020?

Spring and summer are loading, and you know what this means. It is the best time to dress lightly and flaunt your accessories. And because you can get away with lace and short sleeves, bracelets will be a welcomed addition

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