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Custom Designed Jewelry



You have a  jewelry that you wish to use as inspiration for a new design?
Intersted in changing a design from my collection?

You are welcome to send a link / attach a picture of the jewelry with the change you would like



    The brand Stav Fine Jewelry offers a choice of gold fine jewelry and custom designed jewelry for both women and men, produced using the most advanced technologies combined with handicraft.

    Our custom designed jewelry include: rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A custom designed jewel can be a jewel based on an existing jewel with some changes. The jewel can include designing elements from two different jewels combined into a new one. For example, if you see a gold ring set with a black diamond and another ring set with three white diamonds, we can use the design from one ring and the diamonds from the other one in order to create the perfect jewel for you. Our fine jewelry includes jewelry with names, signets, engravings, diamonds sets, gems or pearls. You can choose the jewel’s gold color (yellow, white or red) and the purity level (14k or 18k).

    Custom designed jewelry can be made out of scratch, i.e., a piece of jewelry that you came up with and want to create. We’ll be happy to help you develop your idea and make it happen. Moreover, sometimes customers reach us with old family jewelry which they want to preserve for next generations or even with a photo of an old family jewel that they want to recreate.

    All jewelry is designed by me, Stav, the designer and owner of the brand. With my professional knowledge and the experience I gained through the years, I would be happy to help you make your dream come true and create with you a custom designed jewel. I will be glad to assist you in creating the jewel you imagined

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