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Privacy Policy

  1. The Owner is making reasonable efforts to preserve the privacy of the Website’s users, the content and the information provided by the users while using the Website, and the information collected on the users while visiting the Website (hereinafter: “Information on Users“).
  2. The Owner may use the Information on Users for internal purposes, such as analysis of purchasing patterns and users’ behaviors, and for reviewing complaints and/or critics, including through using Cookies. Any user may set his internet settings so that Cookies will be turned off or notified upon.
  3. The Owner will not forward such details to third parties, unless in cases where the user has performed unlawful actions in the Website and/or attempted to perform such actions, and/or in cases where the user has violated these Terms of Use, and/or in cases where a judicial order has been issued obligating the Owner to provide such details, and/or in any case of dispute between the Owner and the user.
  4. The Owner is taking reasonable efforts to secure the information containing the details of the registered users, through the technological means at her service. Having said that, the Owner cannot promise an absolute protection from penetration of third parties to the database of the Owner, whether stored on the Cloud or on her computers. In such a case the user shall have no claim, demand or suit against the Owner.
  5. The Owner my send the user an electronic mail, address the user in writing or in oral, advertising and informing about sales, updates, new products etc. If the user does not desire to receive such notifications he can opt out from the distribution list in the dedicated place in the electronic mail sent from the Owner. For the avoidance of any doubt, the user may, at any time, notify the Owner of his desire to remove himself from the distribution list of the Owner either by writing the Owner or by the automatic mark in the electronic mail as mentioned above.





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