Drop Shapes Iolite and diamond earrings

Drop Shapes Iolite and diamond earrings


Indian bindi inspired earrings, the perfect combination between modern and oriental design.

Small stud gold earrings with innovative, modern and bold color and design.

The earrings embedded in a bezel setting with a purple Iolite in a drop-shape cut and 3 Diamonds each.

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This jewel is a part of a set. Please click to view the full set
  • Earrings size :6X8.5mm


* All the jewelry are designed, manufactured and set in the highest quality
* Each jewelry is made by order and according to the customer’s sizes. The preparation time is up to 14 business days
* If you need the jewel for a specific date, please contact us to check if it is possible
* Each piece of jewelry is delivered in a designed gift package
* You can custom design components in all the jewelry above (size/ stones/setting)

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