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Diamond Bracelets

In the diamond bracelet collection, you can find meticulously designed delicate diamond embedded gold bracelets. A diamond embedded bracelet is a great idea for a wonderful present, which is both personal and meaningful, to give to yourself or someone you hold dear.

This page includes diamond-embedded bracelets for women in different styles: gold bracelets, personalized bracelets or handcrafted bracelets. The bracelets include several classic types: rigid bracelets, rigid bracelets with an axis, and more delicate bracelets with moving chains and charms. The chains in the bracelets look delicate, and yet they are strong and include a comfortable clasp, since bracelets tend to wear out and get caught by objects.

The bracelets come in three colors of gold: yellow, white or red. You can also choose the fineness of the gold for each bracelet (18 or 14 karat) and its length. If you don’t know the desired length of the bracelet, you can take any string, chain or bracelet and surround your wrist, measuring its circumference. Make sure that you measure according to how loose or tight you want the bracelet to be to your wrist. Stav Luxury Jewelry believes in the importance of the direct contact with the clients, so you can directly contact the designer and order a personally designed bracelet to match your taste perfectly. You can also change different elements in an existing bracelet to fir your demands. If you wish to receive more information about personalized bracelets, contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.
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