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טבעות אבני חן

Colored Gemstones Rings

Gemstones are stones that can be found in nature mostly in rocks or in the deep in the ground and are characterized by their abundance of kinds and colors.

Although diamonds can be defined as a type of gemstone, this category refers only to colored or clear and transparent gemstones.

In this page you can find a wide selection of all sorts, colors and prices of rings with embedded gemstones, including: green emerald, red ruby, blue, green or pink sapphire, pink morganite, purple or orange garnet and much more. You can choose to embed the gemstones in a customized fashion based on existing or new models. If you saw a particular gemstone ring that you like, but would like to change the gemstone, you're welcome to contact me through the contact page and I'll reply as soon as possible. Since all gemstones are natural, they exist in a wide variety of color hues. This means there's no one ruby that looks exactly like the other ruby, even though they are pretty similar. The gemstones prices are influenced by their prevalence in nature and not by their beauty. Moreover, the quality of gemstone is defined mainly by its clarity and clearness. In recent years the demand for engagement rings embedded with colored gemstones is increasing in comparison with the past, when almost every woman wore a white diamond engagement ring.
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