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Diamond rings

Gold rings embedded with diamonds in a vast variety of designs. In this category you can find the ring you always wanted: prestigious diamond rings, breathtaking diamond rings, everyday diamond rings, engagement rings, diamond rings as the perfect present for different occasions, such as a new born baby, birthday and so on.

The diamond rings in this page come in different sizes, colors and settings. It offers classic engagement rings that are also called solitaire rings (rings with a remarkable diamond in their center), and rings with a row of diamonds that can be worn alone or next to a wedding or engagement ring. The common perception is that only women wear diamond rings, but today there are a considerable number of men who wear them. It would be my pleasure to design a custom ring for men according to customers' wishes, All of our models are made according to the customer's request, to his size, to his desired gold color (yellow, white or red) and to his desired gold purity (14k or 18k). The ring production process combines advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, and finishing and setting in high quality handicraft. The rings are designed while paying attention to all the details and the process included a meticulous thinking procedure that emphasized comfort, practicality and durability.
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