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Men's Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are mostly given by one spouse to the other in the wedding ceremony; therefore they represent the special bond between the couple.

The ring’s interior is round and smooth, symbolizing the wholeness and flow of the life as a married couple. Over the years it has also become popular that the bride gives the broom a wedding ring, just like the groom gives the bride.

Here you can browse our collection of wedding rings for men, their width, finishing, colors and different shapes. A lot of the rings are unisex, i.e., suitable for both men and women. Wedding rings are made from gold, a durable material that will last for many years, it doesn't oxidize and it's very strong. The gold in the jewelry is an alloy that comes in three colors (yellow, white and red) and in different levels of purity (14k or 18k). If you'd like to order a wedding ring in custom design, feel free to contact me through the contact page or through the customized jewelry page and I'll be happy to design the ring of your dream that will stay with you forever.
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