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Wedding Rings

In our wedding ring collection you can find wedding rings for women, for men and unisex. When deciding on a wedding ring, you should take into account, whether you want to wear it next to another ring or by itself. If you'd like to wear it next to your engagement ring, for example, we recommend choosing a ring with a similar style. We offer a wide selection of rings, from wide and remarkable rings, through gentle and thin rings, simple and classic rings, rings with a special design to rings with noticeable handicrafts, and much more. What is your preferred ring? A ring with a daring design or perhaps a bit more conservative ring? In most cases, the wedding ring is made out of gold, since it's a long-lasting material that doesn’t oxidize and it's very strong. You can choose the color of gold (yellow, red or white) and the gold purity (14k or 18k). If you'd like to order a customized wedding ring, you can contact me, Stav, directly through the contact page or through the customized jewelry page and I'll be happy to design the ring of your dreams that will be with you forever.
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