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Women's Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is a special symbol for the eternal bond between the husband and the bride and is usually presented to your spouse during the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ring is round with a smooth and stands for the wholeness and the flow of the future married life. According to Judaism, the ring must be smooth without embedded stones.

Here you can view our wedding rings for brides in different widths, finishing, engraving, colors and shapes. Some of the rings are unisex, i.e. suitable for women and for men.

All wedding rings and made out of gold. Gold is a solid and long lasting material that doesn't oxidize. The gold in the jewelry is an alloy and it comes in three colors (yellow, white or red) and in gold purity of 14k or 18k. If you'd like to order a customized wedding ring, you can contact me through the contact page or through the customized jewelry page and I will be happy to design for you a ring that will accompany you forever. When choosing a wedding ring, it's important to take into account on which finger you'll be wearing it in order to match its size (every finger's size is different) and in point of view of the design, taking into consideration, for example, if you'll be wearing it on a finger with another ring or next to a finger with a ring. If you want to wear the wedding ring next to your engagement rings, I recommend choosing a ring in similar style. The rings styles are very diverse: wide and dominant rings, thin and gentle rings, simple and classic rings, designed rings, handmade rings and so on.
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